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In Our Own Words…Why us..

Sara brings a rich background in marketing and management, emphasizing vision, creativity, execution, and accountability. Her methodology relies on data-driven strategies, analyzing market trends, consumer behavior, and competition to craft comprehensive marketing plans. She aims to seamlessly integrate brands into consumer lifestyles, digital interactions, and networks to drive conversions and tangible results.

At Mendez Media Marketing, Sara prioritizes product differentiation, creative storytelling, and targeted digital outreach. Her expertise in identifying receptive consumer segments reflects years of experience across diverse industries, including Hispanic initiatives and digital solutions. From media roles to founding her agency, Sara’s journey highlights her commitment to innovation and adaptability in navigating changing market dynamics.

Sara began her marketing career after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management, followed by studies abroad in England. With experience at NBC affiliate and Univision Television Group, she founded Mendez Media Marketing, Inc. Sara later obtained an MBA in Global Business, focusing on bi-cultural brand development. Her consultancy spans diverse sectors, including non-profit, casino, automotive, retail, healthcare, and service industries, with a specialization in Hispanic initiatives and digital solutions. Sara transitioned into digital media in 2013, founding a digital media agency. She currently teaches at Fresno Pacific University and shares expertise at national trade shows on data conversions, marketing analytics, and expanding market reach.

  • Favorite Movies: Couples Retreat, Devil Wears Prada, The Blind Side

  • Favorite TV Shows: Sex and the City, Scandal, Friends

  • Favorite Songs: St Elmo’s Fire, Livin on a Prayer, Keep me in the Moment

  • Favorite Food: Chinese, Mexican

  • Favorite Candy: York Peppermint Patties

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VP of Media and Accounts

In Our Own Words…Why us..

At Mendez, we’re passionate about crafting innovative strategies to connect clients with consumers, using unconventional ideas to differentiate them in their markets. Personally, my strong work ethic, inherited from my hardworking parents, shapes my approach. I learned to persevere and pursue my passions, which drives me daily. Witnessing our clients’ success and nurturing relationships with them and media partners alike is deeply rewarding. Led by Sara’s relentless pursuit of excellence, our agency thrives on pushing boundaries and constantly evolving.

Amber, with roots in Cleveland, OH, holds a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications/Technology from Bowling Green State University. Her extensive experience spans Walt Disney World training, media buying, event planning, graphic design, and client services. Amber excels across broadcast media, automotive, casinos, and digital platforms, overseeing marketing processes and collaborating closely with the CEO to drive operational efficiency and client success.

  • Favorite Movies: Anything Disney or Pixar

  • Favorite TV Shows: Full House, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy

  • Favorite Songs: Momma’s Song- Carrie Underwood, Human- Christina Perry

  • Favorite Food: Chicken, pizza and my dad’s homemade spaghetti

  • Favorite Candy: Skittles, Snickers and Twix

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In Our Own Words…Why us..

What sets Mendez apart? For me, it’s the core values of loyalty, personability, hard work, and responsiveness. In my 12+ years here, I’ve come to see it not just as a job, but as a fulfilling career within a supportive family-like environment. We’re dedicated, collaborative, and resourceful, always ensuring we deliver results. My background in media buying, digital media, and research reinforces our commitment to excellence, reflected in our exceptional outcomes.

Stacie, a graduate of California State University Chico, brings a wealth of experience in customer development, research, and organizational partnerships. In her role as client lead, she oversees project management, creative solutions, and digital media analytics. Her diverse background includes event management, fundraising for national nonprofits, and PR for both non- and for-profit corporations. Stacie’s expertise extends to digital advertising, where she is Google Certified and continuously pursues further education, staying ahead of emerging marketing trends to enhance client strategies.

  • Favorite Movies: American Sniper, Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  • Favorite TV Shows: Dateline (or any true crime show)

  • Favorite Songs: Warning Sign- Coldplay, Ophelia- Lumineers

  • Favorite Food: Mexican

  • Favorite Candy: Reese’s peanut butter cups

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In Our Own Words…Why us..

Mendez has evolved beyond traditional advertising, recognizing that effective marketing hinges on understanding consumers, targeting, and data-driven decision-making. It’s about agility, adapting campaigns in real-time for maximum impact. By focusing on the consumer rather than the product, we drive conversions and revenue.

Breanna, a Central California native and California State University Fresno graduate, began her career at Mendez as a project coordinator. Over five years, she developed a passion for creative ideation and delivering measurable results for clients. After a hiatus to start a family, Breanna returned to Mendez as a project manager, excelling in creative development and digital strategies. She now serves as a senior project manager, overseeing all client projects with a focus on process development, execution, and team accountability, while cherishing time with her family, especially her daughter Joy.

  • Favorite Movies: Two Weeks Notice, Gone Girl

  • Favorite TV Shows: Good Girls, Bones, Ozark

  • Favorite Songs: Momma’s Song – Carrie Underwood, Madness by Muse, and anything by Bruno Mars

  • Favorite Food: Sushi and smores

  • Favorite Candy: Red Tootsie Pops

Michael Vasquez



In Our Own Words…Why us..

At Mendez, our design team plays a crucial role in ensuring the compliance, creativity, and consistency of our messaging across all platforms. From dynamic designs incorporating products to maintaining omni-channel campaign success, we strive for cohesion in every aspect. Collaborating closely with the digital media team, we analyze campaign analytics and continuously improve creative content month over month to enhance engagement.

Mike, a Fresno, CA native, holds a Master’s Degree in Business with a specialization in advertising and marketing from Fresno State. Leading our automotive creative design team, he brings a wealth of experience in web applications and is skilled in digital illustration, graphic design, and digital marketing. In his leisure time, Mike enjoys creating art and music, channeling his creativity beyond the office.

  • Favorite Movies: Interstellar, Guardians of the Galaxy series

  • Favorite TV Shows: Stranger Things, Ozarks

  • Favorite Songs: September, Wake Up

  • Favorite Food: Anything Pasta Related

  • Favorite Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Michael Garcia



In Our Own Words…Why us..

A Fresno native designer with over 15 years of graphic design and multimedia experience and 3 years of fashion design, specializing in automotive and retail creative marketing. Art has always been a passion and in junior high, Mikey decided to pursue art as a career learning adobe suite program, video and 3d animation software. Artwork style ranges from illustrations, logo design, packaging, and fashion. Art and design meet where creativity and conversions meet.

In Mikey’s free time, he loves to design and manufacture clothes incorporating his personal design style prints into custom garments such as graphic tees, dresses, accessories and more to showcase during Fresno’s downtown art hop every month and local fashion runway shows.

  • Favorite Movies: The Emperor’s New Groove, Scream series

  • Favorite TV Shows: Project Runway, RPDR

  • Favorite Songs: I Write Sins Not Tragedies – Panic! at the Disco, Better Off Alone – Alice Deejay

  • Favorite Food: Mexican, Chinese

  • Favorite Candy: Skittles

Stephanie Navarrete



In Our Own Words…Why us..

Stephanie is a dynamic professional driven by a passion for business communications and emerging media. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree from DeVry University in 2017, she specialized in Business Communications with a concentration in Emerging Media, laying the foundation for a dynamic career journey. With over six years of experience in the automotive industry, Stephanie has cultivated expertise in Business Development and Marketing, spending three years excelling in each role. Her career took a transformative turn when she embraced the role of a digital media buyer, demonstrating adaptability and a keen eye for emerging trends.

Born and raised in Selma, CA, Stephanie finds strength in her roots while forging ahead with her ambitions. Family and faith form the pillars of her life, cherishing the bond with her parents, two brothers, two sisters, and reveling in her role as an aunty to two adorable babies.

  • Favorite Movies: 50 First Dates, 13 Going On 30, Little Miss Sunshine

  • Favorite TV Shows: That 70’s Show, The Office

  • Favorite Songs: Clocks – Coldplay

  • Favorite Food: Mexican Food

  • Favorite Candy: Sour Worms by Trolly

Madison Roos



In Our Own Words…Why us..

Madison is a Central Valley native, with a passion in crafting engaging content for social media platforms and staying abreast of the latest daily trends, of which she learned and mastered through her studies at Fresno State University and her work experience in Social Media Management. Keeping content relevant is a key priority, after honing in skills through hands-on experience, particularly in creating compelling content for The Craig School of Business at Fresno State. Madison works with clients on creative messaging and content solutions driving both brand awareness and lead conversions.

  • Favorite Movies: Grown Ups, 27 Dresses, Bride Wars

  • Favorite TV Shows: Gossip Girl, Friends, The Vampire Diaries

  • Favorite Songs: Where You Are – John Summit, anything Morgan Wallen

  • Favorite Food: Tacos, Guacamole

  • Favorite Candy: Peach Rings

Haley Capetillo



In Our Own Words…Why us..

Haley embarked on her career journey in the staffing industry, excelling at Kelly Services and Manpower, where she achieved diamond level recognition for her personnel management skills. Transitioning to human resources with Total-Western and later KSI, she managed teams across multiple states. After starting a family, Haley established her own HR consultancy, leveraging her network and industry expertise. Additionally, she refined her organizational abilities as an executive and personal assistant at Chameleon Design in Orange County, CA. These experiences prepared her for a successful role as an executive assistant for Jeremy C. Jans, where she handled administrative duties and workforce development.

Outside of work, Haley enjoys floral design, having executed designs for numerous weddings and non-profit events, as well as traveling to destinations like Hawaii, Mexico, and the central coast. She also finds joy in hosting dinner parties for family and friends and attending her children’s baseball and volleyball games.

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