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Business Development

Business plans

Our team works with businesses to write, develop, design, and strategize from start to finish business plans.

Business Development

Marketing plans

The Mendez team has developed complete comprehensive marketing plans including everything from objectives, strategies, demographics, advertising plans, timelines, budgets, and research.

Advertising audit

Audits don’t always have to be bad. Sometimes enhancing what is working and growing the ad plan to incorporate more is a good thing.

“You don’t know how tall you are until you stand next to someone taller”

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Digital Audit

In the digital space, there are too many holes, too many unknowns in this relatively new space, that transparency is an issue, and you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s always better to have more eyes on it and make sure your company is being represented the best way possible in the digital space – it is where your brand is representing you.

Market opportunity analysis

New products, new locations, new target markets should all included a market opportunity analysis – what does that market look like, how viable is it, what is the best estimated potential ROI, and where is the best opportunity? That is the data and research we provide and have done for many clients on a national scale.

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