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Consumer Insights

Consumer insights tell you who your customer is. They tell you what the trends are the influence their decisions, and this information gives you the opportunity to change behavior resulting in sales. Knowing the consumer is imperative to successful products, service, and marketing campaigns.

Demographic Analysis.

Know your population beyond ages and gender. For years agencies bought media off of age and gender. Demographics must include more than that. Things like age, income, disposable income, education, and more, are vital to a campaigns success.

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Behavioral Analysis

Behaviors are more easily trackable than ever before. We can now determine down to the minute when advertising success happens. We can tell down to the address who interacts with your ads, and if they in turn make a purchase – from ad, to your website, to purchase, to later servicing and patterns. Use that data! Most companies have access to more data than they use, check regularly, or put into practice – use it. Make data and research a part of the monthly review of marketing planning and ongoing decision making. The ROI will be felt immediately.

Competitive Reporting and Analysis

Knowing your competition and staying ahead of the curve is key. You can’t win a race if you are always looking at someone in front of you. Lead the pack by staying in tune with your market, consumers, demographics and behaviors, and more importantly the competition. What are they doing, where are they going, what are they doing well, and what hole in the market have they left.

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