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Multi Cultural Marketing


The Mendez Difference

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When Mendez Media Marketing Inc. was founded in 2006, it was as a direct results of recognizing the growing markets in the United States, and how under represented they were in terms of brands reaching them properly with effective messages in the right places. With digital media being often times more widely used in other countries, the cultures represented in the US utilize a multitude of platforms that can be very inexpensive to reach with some of the best ROI’s we have seen among all marketing campaigns.

Reaching The Hispanic Market

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Multicultural Advertising

The Story

Initially launching multicultural initiatives with State of California contracts and local events, the agency brought the first Diez y Seis event to the southern region of Central California, partnering with the Mexican Consulate and Univision, driving the highest Hispanic attendance to the events.

From there, the agency expanded into Hispanic initiative consulting with hotels and casinos in Reno, throughout California with Native American Indian Gaming Casinos, and later into international markets working with Arizona based, West Rim of the Grand Canyon. This took the agency into 16 countries around the world, launching global digital campaigns in more than a dozen languages, partnering with brand developers in Mexico, Brazil and Singapore.

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Multicultural Advertising

The Story

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Simultaneously, in 2006, the agency began working in the automotive industry. Initially with Ford and Lincoln, later with Toyota and Scion, adding Buick GMC and Lexus dealers and dealer associations in 2013. Language advertising and niche marketing efforts began with Spanish, Hmong, Punjabi, and Portuguese and later included Hindi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Sign Language, and German campaigns. Today, the agency represents many clients in more than a dozen languages in multiple west coast markets.

TV Work


This is where we turn your ideas into TV pixels for the world to see.

Reach your audience

Visually engage your market with eye-catching elements, adapted not only by language but by culture, to connect with your intended audience.

See Results

Detailed reporting measures to clarify who is watching, and when.

Digital Marketing


Be seen on all digital platforms.

Multicultural Advertising

Radio Work Samples

Turn Reach Into Leads

With proven results, radio can get the leads you need.

Engage Listeners

In home, out of home, and on the road with proven retention rates across broad markets.

Eagle Mountain Casino

Multi Cultural Advertising

Video Ads

Below are some examples of language ads we have created.These ads are placed on platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.


Lexus ES 350 Winter Collection Sales Event Spanish ad

Motor City Buick GMC T3

MotorCity Spanish Cash 4 Keys March 2019 promotion ad

Motor City Buick GMC

Arabic language ad May 2019

Cultural marketing is NOT simply translations.

It is not English campaigns with translated ads. It is not English platforms with layered language targeting. Go beyond simple. Infiltrate the market. Know the culture. Know the region. Know consumer behaviors and influences. – We believe, this is where our “Sazon” comes from. It’s what we do. It’s what we know and who we are. And more than anything else… it’s what our customers say we know!

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