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In Our Own Words…Why us..

Organization, creativity, execution and accountability are just a few of the adjectives I seem to hear a lot about my role in the company. I am a big believer in research and as a result everything we do starts there. It’s about where the market is, where consumers are and how competitive the marketplace is. From there, creating a marketing strategy that not only reaches consumers and effectively moves them to purchase, but also infiltrates them in every aspect- from lifestyle, to digital and social media interactions, to brand influencing and consumer reviews. My role is creating that strategy. Coming up with the differentiation factors, telling the story, and finding the most creative, effective, efficient, and relevant platforms.

Second to research, analytics, accountability, and transparency in all things is imperative to not only successfully partnerships, but to successful campaigns. Accountability in campaigns and people. Our team is available at all times and responds same day at all times. Anyone who has worked with us knows that. And transparency, is found in all things. From proposals, to research, to analytics, to accounting and billing. Seems pretty simple to me. So that’s it. That’s what we do and that’s what we stand for. It’s just the Mendez Way.

Sara started her marketing career after obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management while also studying abroad in England. After working for both NBC affiliate as well as Univision Television Group, Mendez Media Marketing, Inc. was born. Sara went on to further her education and received her MBA in Global business, with a thesis on building bi-cultural brands. Sara has both consulted and handled clients in industries ranging from: non-profit, casino, automotive, retail, and service, as well as specialized in creating Hispanic initiatives for many businesses and brands. Sara began specializing in Digital media in 2013, starting with digital conferences in San Francisco and Los Angeles to later becoming a digital media agency. Sara currently teaches and develops courses in marketing, digital communications, entrepreneurship, and business for Fresno Pacific University.

  • Favorite Movies: Pride and Prejudice, Breakfast Club, Devil Wears Prada

  • Favorite TV Shows: Scandal, Shades of Blue, and Blind Spot

  • Favorite Songs: Livin on a Prayer – Bon Jovi, St Elmo’s Fire – John Parr, Unsteady -X Ambassadors, Hello - Adele

  • Favorite Food: Chinese

  • Favorite Candy: Pretzel M&M’s

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In Our Own Words…Why us..

Kassie grew up in the California Bay Area and received her Bachelors of Science in Broadcast Journalism with an emphasis in Spanish from San Jose State University. While at SJSU, Kassie was selected to be part of “Wheels Up to Cuba” where she wrote, filmed and produced short videos on local natives in Havana. She also received a certification of completion while studying abroad in South America at Pontificia Catolica Universidad de Chile. Her path then led her to Fresno where she worked in the Spanish radio industry and consistently ranked as a lead seller creating unique strategic campaigns to the Hispanic market for more than 5 years. She joined the agency world where she works with a variety of clients providing creative marketing and communication strategies that deliver results.

  • Favorite Movies: It’s a Wonderful Life, Sixteen Candles

  • Favorite TV Shows: The Amazing Race

  • Favorite Songs: Depends on the mood ranging from Hall and Oats to Belanova to Florida Georgia Line to Banda MS.

  • Favorite Food: Açaí Bowls

  • Favorite Candy: Chocolate

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Media Director

In Our Own Words…Why us..

At Mendez, we are passionate about helping clients find new ways to reach consumers with out of box ideas that set them apart from their competitors.

For me personally, my work ethic sets me apart, which was instilled in me by my hard working parents. The basics like never quit and never give up were there of course, but also to always do what you love, stayed with me throughout college and my career. And that’s what I do every day. I love seeing the success stories from our clients and value the relationships we have with clients and media partners alike. We do so many things that have never been done before, and we are known as an agency that is always coming up with something. Sara always pushes us to do more, read more, learn more, and always do the best we can for clients, and truthfully, ourselves.

Amber was raised in Cleveland, OH, where she graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications/Technology. Her experience spans from Walt Disney World training in Orlando, radio and TV media and event planning, graphic design and photography, as well as client services and marketing. Amber has worked extensively in broadcast media buying, automotive, casinos, and digital video media platforms. Amber oversees all aspects of the marketing and communications process and has played a large role in clients’ overall media success.

  • Favorite Movies: Anything Disney or Pixar

  • Favorite TV Shows: Full House, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy

  • Favorite Songs: Momma’s Song- Carrie Underwood, Human- Christina Perry

  • Favorite Food: Chicken, pizza and my dad’s homemade spaghetti

  • Favorite Candy: Skittles, Snickers and Twix

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Strategic Planning Specialist

In Our Own Words…Why us..

What is the Mendez difference? For me? That’s simple. The difference is being loyal, personable, hardworking, and responsive. I’ve been here more than 7 years and I’ve learned from working here, that it’s not just a job, it’s a career; and one that I enjoy. It’s a family. We work hard, we know the meaning of teamwork, and we figure it out. But most importantly. We get it done. And through my career in media buying, digital media, and research, I always put my best foot forward. That’s the Mendez expectation. Its why our results are anything buy ordinary.

Stacie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from California State University Chico and has been working in customer development, research, and organizational partnerships ever since. Today she works as client lead, overseeing project management, creative solutions, and digital media analytics. Her experience in customer development and research serves as a foundation for understanding economic, social and political impacts. Stacie has worked in event and led national nonprofits in fundraising efforts, and co-branding partnerships while managing PR efforts for both non-and for profit corporations. Most recently she has joined our digital management team, overseeing all digital advertising and is Google Certified. She has also completed a seminar put on by world-renowned entrepreneur, best-selling author and speaker, Seth Godin, and continues to work towards maintaining digital certification status, while applying new marketing trends to client marketing strategies.

  • Favorite Movies: American Sniper, Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  • Favorite TV Shows: Million Dollar Listing, Dateline (or any show on Investigation Discovery)

  • Favorite Songs: Warning Sign- Coldplay, Ophelia- Lumineers

  • Favorite Food: Mexican

  • Favorite Candy: Reese’s peanut butter cups

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Software Developer

Growing up in Los Angeles, I was always interested in the field of computer science, given the inescapable responsibility of creativity that came with it. My various life experiences in and out of the software development sphere have helped me grow and find my journey to success. In my free time I participate in local and international hackathons, which is where I was first introduced to API’s that would initiate my career in software development.

In Our Own Words…Why us..

My natural drive for success allows me to ascend even the tallest of obstacles. I will build the best products, break boundaries, and use programming to inspire and implement solutions to further automate industries where time or error are everyday occurrences.

Los Angeles native, with background in education and work in software design, development and engineering fields. Won multiple competitions in development, and enjoys working with teams to create highly innovative and functional platforms for companies.

  • Favorite Movies: Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood

  • Favorite TV Shows: South Park

  • Favorite Songs: “Nights” -Frank Ocean, “LSD” -Jhene Aiko, “Ayala” -XXXTentacion, "DontWantToBeYouAnymore" - Billie Eilish

  • Favorite Food: Mexican

  • Favorite Candy: Starbursts

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In Our Own Words…Why us..

While viewed as a negative personality trait, I tend to self-identify as obsessive, but I find that it works perfectly in the grander scheme of my work here at Mendez. Every little detail when buying, placing, optimizing, and analyzing data for digital media needs to be meticulous and thought through to be sure that every penny spent is in accordance with the larger strategy for each and every campaign. Every singular ad is tested and optimized, is never good enough for the next campaign. The Mendez expectation is that we need to do it better the next go around. Every time. There is no “setting it, and forgetting it” at this agency. The best campaigns are yet to come. It can always be better.

Aimee is currently a senior at California State University Fresno, and joined the Mendez Media Marketing team after more than five years of business and management experience. Her previous work in team management, accounting, event coordination, and social media, play a great role in the day-to-day operations at the agency. Aimee manages Digital and Social Media campaigns, after receiving her digital certifications for Google, and manages more than $890k annually for the agency in digital media alone. The results she has been able to deliver clients are often 30-70% higher than competitive company results, and her delivered ROI continues to drive significant traffic to company websites, social media pages, and in store purchases.

  • Favorite Movies: Donnie Darko, Little Mermaid

  • Favorite TV Shows: Downton Abbey, Mad Men, The Office

  • Favorite Songs: Change The World- Eric Clapton, Miss Jackson- Panic! At The Disco, It’s All Coming Back To Me Now- Celine Dion

  • Favorite Food: The Trifecta- pizza🍕 | tacos | sushi 🍣

  • Favorite Candy: Anything chocolate

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In Our Own Words…Why us..

Kirsten grew up in California’s Central Valley where she developed a passion for all things technology at an early age. From social media management, to digital video implementation, and organic brand positioning, Kirsten’s love for the media landscape is seen in all she does. With more than 10 years in the medical industry where she mastered leadership skills and brand representation, she brings a unique multi-cultural aspect to clients as she is well traveled and spent much time abroad. Kirsten specializes in Google My Business strategies, social media organic content management, and promotional media strategies.

  • Favorite Movies: Forrest Gump, P.S. I love You, Miss Congeniality

  • Favorite TV Shows: 2020/Dateline, Power, Working Moms

  • Favorite Songs: Tennessee Whiskey, P.Y.T., My Girl

  • Favorite Food: Mexican

  • Favorite Candy: Reeses

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In Our Own Words…Why us..

I think what sets me apart from similar creative director/producers is the fact that I think in a very non-linear fashion. I draw ideas and inspiration from a lifetime of creative experience in multiple fields from music and audio to writing, film and video production. I always focus on enhancing client goals by figuring out ways to make them stand apart from the crowd.

At Mendez, it is NOT a one size fits all strategy. Exceeding expectations is always the standard.

Jason’s experience in media ranges from film, television, radio, and graphic design. With over 18 years of experience he has worked with music companies on composition, and done sound design for movie trailers such as Stigmata and Mission Impossible II, as well as developed video games like SWAT II and Babylon 5. Jason was also nominated for an Emmy award in 2005 for video editing and music composition. Jason has worked with many recording artists on unique sound editing and film companies on animation and high end video editing. He has achieved national recognition for print publications, State Fair television ads, Hispanic campaigns, and creativity.

  • Favorite Movies: Elephant Man, Willy Wonka, Escape from New York, Deer Hunter, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Jerk, Trainspotting, Lost Highway

  • Favorite TV Shows: Silicon Valley, East Bound and Down, Stranger Things

  • Favorite Songs: Team Sleep “Ever (Foreign Flag)”, Depeche Mode “One Caress”, Gary Numan “Are Friends Electric”, Billy Joel “Vienna”, Elton John “Harmony”, Recoil “Drifting”, Portishead “Humming”, Poe “Fingertips”

  • Favorite Food: Skinny Pop

  • Favorite Candy: Whatever Amber brings to the office. Usually M&M’s.

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Digital Design and Asset Manager

In Our Own Words…Why us..

A native of the California Central Valley, Dominique has always had a passion for creating and influencing the world around her through her unique and engaging designs and artwork.

Dominique graduated with her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design & Multimedia from California State University, Fresno where she was President of the Graphic Design Club. Some awards she received while attending Fresno State include the top photography award in the Senior Art Show and being placed on the President’s List throughout her educational career.

After spending time with Bitwise she then went on to teaching at Bitwise leading other artists to finding creative ways to communicate brand messaging through design.

Dominique can often be found creating new website designs, participating in hacking events or teaching all things digital as a Geekwise Instructor. Her diverse background and work history allow her to provide clients with a customized multi-cultural, highly effective digital experience.

  • Favorite Movies: Les Misérables (2012), Memoirs of a Geisha, & Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Favorite TV Shows: Supernatural, 911, & One Piece

  • Favorite Songs: "Hold on to Memories" - Disturbed, "Hard Times" - Paramore, & "Truth Hurts" - Lizzo

  • Favorite Food: Sushi

  • Favorite Candy: Ghirardelli caramel squares

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Nicole McEvoy

Animation and Graphic Design

In Our Own Words…Why us..

Nicole graduated from CSU Channel Islands with a major in Studio Art. She studied animation, graphic design, illustration, and traditional art mediums. She has a diverse media background in television, merchandising and education. She worked for two seasons on the tv show The Awesomes, and has since been working on a Masters in Fine Arts degree in Visual Development. Her experience ranges from graphic design, to motion graphics and animation and her work can been seen across all digital and multimedia channels.

  • Favorite Movies: Willy Wonka (the original), Hereditary, Scott Pilgrim, the Harry Potter series

  • Favorite TV Shows: Barry, King of the Hill, Twin Peaks, Adventure Time, Breaking Bad

  • Favorite Songs: "West Coast" by Lana Del Rey, "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" Covered by First Aid Kit, "When the Night is Over" by Lord Huron, "Into the Black" by Chromatics

  • Favorite Food: Pho & Sushi 🍣

  • Favorite Candy: Cookies and Creme Hershey's bar

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Robert Arteaga


In Our Own Words…Why us..

Some say if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Design and branding is my passion. Being able to go to work every day and deliver compelling creative for our clients is what makes working for Mendez Media Marketing so rewarding. Our continuous team collaboration keeps us on the cusp of developing new and exciting strategies that are outside of the box. It’s important to stand out in this world where we are bombarded with messaging. When you work with Mendez, you’re working with a team that will ensure you’re seen, heard and as a result, growing.

Robert, originally from the Bay Area of California, received his Bachelor of Visual and Public Art with a concentration in Integrated Media, Web & Graphic Design from California State University of Monterey Bay. With over 10 years of marketing experience he has produced a range of designs such as outdoor advertising, mobile advertising, retail displays, social media ads and company rebranding. Robert works diligently as a design team member and develops advertising campaign concepts, branding strategies and overall high-level creative concepts.

  • Favorite Movies: Green Street Hooligans, Back To The Future, Gone in 60 Seconds

  • Favorite TV Shows: Kindig It Designs, Chopped, Family Feud, Big Bang Theory

  • Favorite Songs: Chris Brown, Beat it - Mike Jackson, Poison - Bell Biv DeVoe

  • Favorite Food: Sushi and Mexican

  • Favorite Candy: Peanut M&M’s and Snickers

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In Our Own Words…Why us..

Mendez believes that creativity, dedication and hard work don’t come from a person. It’s a team. A collaborative effort. That’s what we do.

In my role, it is my combination of work experience, adapting to change in different roles, and having a strong work ethic, that makes a difference for our clients. Remaining intellectually curious and staying proactive in learning, is a Mendez standard.

Mireya has an extensive background in human resource and business administration from the Financial Telecommunications and Non-Profit sectors. She graduated from California State University Fresno in 1996 with a B.S. in Business Administration, and has achieved certifications from Harvard University and George Washington University. With 10 years in broadcasting behind her, from Univision Communications, Mireya now applies her knowledge, experience and unique skill set to the many diverse clients of the agency, providing media accounting and billing management, as she reconciles invoices, confirms added value media, and keeps agency billing current and in good standing.

  • Favorite Movies: Instructions Not Included, Love & Basketball, Conjuring, Serendipity, The Departed, Lord of the Rings, Gone Girl, Pulp Fiction

  • Favorite TV Shows: GOT (Game of Thrones), Homeland, House of Cards, Law & Order SVU

  • Favorite Songs: Tu Recuerdo, Ricky Martin y Chambao / Leave Out All The Rest, Linkin Park / Malo, Bebe / Love My Way, The Psychedelic Furs

  • Favorite Food: Spaghetti, Old Fashion or Homemade Hamburgers, Chicken Piccata

  • Favorite Candy: Kit Kat, Twix

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