Media Buying

  • Software – Media software including Strata as well as Nielsen media ratings and a multitude of research platforms and digital media buying resources are used.
  • Post reports – The agency uses Nielsen ratings to produce a post report each quarter for clients. It is required that media posts to 95% of the spot buy, on top of added value provided.
  • Traffic – Traffic managers ensure all spots are up to date and run correctly, noting end dates and times so that all commercial times run in the most effective time periods.
  • Reconciliation and invoicing – each month, accounting and media managers review all media invoices and reconcile them against the media buys to ensure that what was ordered ran correctly.
  • Promotions/Giveaways – The media team works with all media stations to create great promotions and giveaways for clients that enhance the brand through increased reach and frequency, and additional media platforms. These include station social media sites and web sites, as well as branding cross promotions among radio partners.
  • Added Value – The agency works with media partners to develop added value that goes beyond additional commercial spots to maximize the efficiency of all media buys. ROI is reached through paid and non-paid marketing efforts.
  • Trade – The agency coordinates thousands of dollars in trade with all media platforms for a variety of industries.
  • Budget Allocation and Management – The agency manages budgets for clients in multiple industries, including multi-million dollar budgets that cross multiple markets, more than a dozen languages, and more than 75 media and marketing platforms.