Mendez Media Marketing, Inc.


Mendez Media Marketing, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Sara Mendez, as an agency that provides marketing and advertising services to companies reaching niche markets through research, mass media, multi-cultural campaigns, and digital platforms.

Today the Mendez team operates from two office locations in Central California, and specializes in digital marketing, including: social media, display, SEM, text and email campaigns, as well as audio and video digital media platforms. Results and analytics, provided with a completely transparent media buying system, provide the most efficient and effective marketing campaigns.


The agency currently has employees in the Fresno and Bakersfield offices. Staff includes: media buyers for broadcast, print, outdoor, and digital media, as well as creative services for broadcast media and graphic design, and a research department providing analytics including behavioral and psychographic consumer behavior analysis, supporting all media and creative proposals we provide.

Sara Mendez
Amber Boatwright
Media Director
Stacie Moore
Strategic Planning Specialist
Jason Ramirez
Creative Director
Matthew Prewitt
Digital Media and Design Director
Aimee Jackson
Digital Media Specialist
Mireya Solis - Martin
Accounting Manager