How Influential is that Influencer, really?

What does it mean to increase your followers? Be aware of fraud in digital media! Sometimes online popularity comes with a price tag, this is otherwise known as social media’s black market, and its on the rise. Do you ever wonder how so many celebrities, athletes and politicians gain millions of followers through social media?  […]

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OTT FTW: Over-The-Top Advertising

Technology is something I think we can all agree has become a staple in business, entertainment, and our daily lives. The internet was fascinating when it first came out, and we all jumped on AOL and used Dial Up and had to learn about what a “URL” was and how to get a “domain” for […]

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Consumer Demands in the Digital Age

Consumers today are not looking for who smiles when they walk into a store, or whose mailer has the best offer. Today, the consumer public is looking for convenience, connectivity, and how engaged they can be with their selected products and services.  According to Kenneth Kaufman and Chris Young, more than 72% of the US […]

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